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Eliminate constant repainting.

Add design, beauty and value.

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Siding Installation in Omaha
Siding by  Militti

Our vinyl siding will transform your current house into your dream home. Increase your home’s beauty, durability and value with low-maintenance, high-performance siding options from Militti Siding and Windows.


Mastic Home Exterior Solutions

MASTIC exterior siding is rigorously tested again and again for performance and durability. With over 35 different colors, numerous thicknesses, and styles, MASTIC is sure to have that perfect siding you need to complete your project. With a Limited Lifetime Warranty , as well as warranties against fading, hail, and other events, you can be sure your investment is protected with Mastic.
Vinyl Siding Omaha Nebraska

Structure® Home Insulation System

Women’s Day Remodeling & Makeovers magazine honored Structure® with a 2008 Remodeling and Makeover Award for its energy-efficient design. And top-of-the-line energy efficiency is just the beginning. Structure boasts classic style, a 190 mph wind rating and reduces outside noise levels by up to 30 percent.
Structure is a premium insulated siding bonded with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. It delivers superior strength, style and performance in a wide-style clapboard look.


Mastic Quest Double 4 25' vinyl siding

Beauty and superior design go hand in hand with
QUEST, unquestionably the finest siding available.
It all starts with advanced technology and ends with
time-tested quality and outstanding performance
lining the avenues of distinguished communities
from coast to coast.
Maintenance becomes a thing of the past; color
stays strong, fresh and vibrant; and rigidity and
toughness mean good looks will endure

Tornado-tough Nail Hem®
This unique double nail hem holds
the panel so securely to the wall, it can
actually withstand winds up to 190 mph.
Tri-Linear Rigidity®
The profile of the panel shows how it has been designed to provide extrarigidity in three critical areas. With3/4" lap, 3/4" return, and oversizedlocking system, the Mastic QUEST 3 Series siding stays straight and true–
its performance unwavering.
T3 Lok®
This panel-lock system creates
whole-house integrity with its securelocking action.
It is a heftier versionof the Mastic T-lok®
design that was made famous by Mastic T-lok® Barkwood ® premium vinyl siding, an industry favorite for more than 30 years.
Premium .046 Thickness. Superior thickness and impact resistance.
Longer lengths available in double 4" and double 4-1/2" dutch lap — 16' 8" and 25' 6"

Fewer seams — for a cleaner, straighter, professional look. ideal for larger homes and light commercial applications

Wind speed — rated up to 240 mph
Mastic’s proprietary design and engineering delivers a panel that achieves superior wind resistance.
Gutters repair and installation
Rain  Removal
Guttering systems perform an important function in your home. Properly installed and maintained gutters and downspouts collect water (melting snow, rain) and disperse the water away from your home. It is extremely important that you have an up to date and high quality seamless gutter system installed to prevent damage and maintain the value and design beauty of your home.

Wood Repairs
Weather, water damage, rotted wood and other damage to your wood siding can require sections to be repaired or replaced. we can provide a seamless, high quality result that will last for for years to come.Read more about repair options here.

For storm damage and other claims, we’re experts at working with insurance companies to ensure that all work and payments are finalized as soon as possible. Contact Militti Siding and Windows today for your free estimate.


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